Violeta pastel: A fantasy look for this season.

Blonde or brown? Normally it is the big question that we ask each time we look for a change, sometimes it seems that although there are a lot of variants for these two options, we always end up staying in the same.

But let us tell you that not everything ends there, a new trend has arrived that will make you break with the conventional and give you the opportunity to get a super original and fun look that will make you the target of all eyes to wherever you go.

We are talking about the VIOLETA PASTEL, without a doubt the color of the season, daring and ideal for those who are looking for a different style, vibrant and full of energy.

If you’re already imagining it, you’re on the right track, because this is the best time for your creative side to come out and let

“A super original look, fun and that will make you the target of all eyes.”


To achieve it in the best way and so that you can obtain incredible results, there are some very points that you must take into account.



If you have already decided and want to enter this trend, go with a professional, someone of confidence, updated and experienced, ah and something very important, take care that in the process your stylist uses good quality products, I know it may sound somewhat demanding , but come on, we are not talking about a breakthrough, it is a very significant change and the last thing we want is to kill that daring attitude with an “EXPECTATION vs. REALITY” that leaves us with the spirit on the floor.



Finally and very important is to contemplate that if you want to keep this look always incredible, it is necessary to give a good maintenance to your hair, but do not worry, you can achieve this with some care that is basically when you have decided on the VIOLET PASTEL.

We recommend using our Post Color Shampoo that helps close the cuticle. To preserve the color for longer. And after the Shower Due Faccetta Lunga Durata a nourishing hydro treatment without rinsing in two phases for the care of the dyed hair, it unravels it and gives it shine.


So, what do you say? Are you ready for a fantasy look? Do not stay with the desire to go ahead and try the change, I assure you that you will enjoy it in a big way, with this style your hair will become your most trendy accessory, and without a doubt you will realize that the attitude that you will project with this look, will be the perfect complement to enter fully into this new trend.