Melena Midi: The hype cut of the season

Today we wanted to talk to you about a haircut with a style that has never gone away completely, but that today is presented more strongly than ever; it is the “MIDI” a cut to the chin in a straight line, which projects a light and simple apprenticeship, completely in trend, but best of all, it is full of possibilities.

“MIDI a look totally in trend and full of possibilities”

It is a perfect balance because it is not completely short nor long, it is at the exact point where we can take advantage of it and enjoy it without extreme care or situations that break our heads.

It’s fall is asymmetric and slightly shorter in the back, this creates a volume appearance and refines the features of your face, and it is the perfect frame to show off a stylized face.

This cuts versatility is very broad because according to the occasion you have the opportunity to choose the texture you want to give it.

For a more relaxed look, a tousled touch is an option that will give you a youthful and casual but trendy touch. And if you want to look formal, elegant and modern, you can iron your hair for an elegant and modern look.

All this in an easy and very practical way because with this cut it is not necessary to invest a lot of time to see yourself spectacular, one more reason to choose it, if your lifestyle and your routines fill your agenda every day.

Another of its advantages is the fringe, few cuts like this give you the variants to customize it to your style because it takes very well with fringes on the side, straight or curly, you can choose, with the help of your stylist, which is the one that looks better for you.